What is the Most Popular HVAC System?

Since there are numerous types of HVAC systems, it’s vital you know about each one to pick the best one for your needs. This is important if you must replace your current HVAC system or you’re installing a new one on your residential property.

HVAC systems come in two types: ducted and ductless. A ducted system moves air through air ducts to heat or cool a property structure. A ductless system uses different methods to push air into a space. The HVAC system you select will be contingent on:

  • The type and size of your residence
  • Your cooling and heating needs
  • The climate where your property is located
  • Your personal preference
  • Long-term savings vs. upfront costs

To assist you in choosing which HVAC system is best for you and your property, here are the most common types of HVAC systems.

Common Ducted HVAC Systems

Split System

A split system is the most common HVAC system used in homes and residential properties. It has one part for cooling and one part for heating with a standard thermostat for control.

Hybrid Split System

The difference between a hybrid split system and a split system is that a hybrid split system doesn’t depend on gas to produce heat. Its heater can use gas as well as electricity. Although electricity is slower, it offers property owners more control over their energy usage.

Packaged Heating and Cooling

A packaged heating and cooling system works best in small buildings. The parts are situated in the attic, foundation, or roof. Property owners can install either a packaged AC or a packaged heat pump with coils. They are simple to maintain and cost less than a split system.

Common Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless Split System

A ductless split system is an excellent energy saver, functioning best in houses that don’t have ductwork. Additionally, a ductless split system operates using a heat pump that supplies cold and hot air.

Portable AC Units

Portable AC units (also known as spot coolers) are built to cool large rooms and commercial facilities. They draw in air, moving it over a coil air conditioned by refrigerant and pushing it back into the area. Portable AC units will work anywhere with an electrical outlet.

Hydronic Heating

To emit heat, a hydronic heating system uses liquid instead of air. A boiler heats the water and then moves it through pipes situated under the flooring. When the heated water gets to the radiator, heat flows all over the space. Additionally, a hydronic heating system can be installed to heat flooring.

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