Major 5 reported problems with residential HVAC systems

For a homeowner, one of the most annoying things is dealing with common residential HVAC problems. When the HVAC systems don’t work properly, every homeowner may feel helpless. Although HVAC systems offer the best comfort by working effectively, sometimes they undergo some issues beyond your thoughts.

Be it a small or a big issue, every HVAC problem has a solution. Fret not; just hire a reliable HVAC system company to do this task for you. Now, let’s have a look at 5 major HVAC problems reported by homeowners!

1. Dirty Filter

Dirt in the filter can block the air inflow in the residential HVAC system. Dirt may build up if left unchecked. So, change the filter every month. The light test can tell whether your filter is obstructed or not. If light passes through the filter, it means it’s clean. Otherwise, there might be an issue. Dirt and debris build-up in your filter can lower the longevity of your HVAC system. To fix this issue, you can always rely on Sparks Heating & Air.

2. Unsteady Room Temperature

Every room is made differently. Some need more heat during winter for reaching a similar temperature like other rooms. In case you have been observing that a few rooms in your home are colder than the rest other rooms, you may face a bigger issue. Hire the friendly HVAC service of Sparks Heating & Air so they can figure out the issue and resolve it for you.

3. Water Leaks

Both furnaces and air conditioners create condensate. Drain pipes are used to make sure appropriate water drainage. If drain lines are cracked or blocked, furnaces can leak water. Homeowners can pour bleach down the drain to keep the pipes clean. Otherwise, you may contact our service technician to fix the water leaks of your HVAC system.

4. Refrigerant Leaks

If your residential HVAC system is not discharging adequate cool air, it may be because of a refrigerant leak. You should charge the refrigerant properly to avoid such problems in the cooling system. These leaks can impact the condenser’s functions. Only an expert technician can repair such leaks.

5. Broken Thermostat

A thermostat tells the HVAC system how much heat or cooling the homeowner wants in his house. However, the thermostat can have issues also. Some pieces in the thermostat can be defective. It might require thorough cleaning or should be replaced entirely. In case you find the broken thermostat as the main issue, call us to fix it right away.

In Conclusion

If you don’t perform daily maintenance, you may encounter unpredictable expensive breakdowns, poor performance, increased energy expense, and annoyance. All the aforesaid residential HVAC problems can be solved with regular preventative maintenance. You should have your HVAC system inspected yearly for preventing outages at the time of extreme weather.

You may reach out to skilled technicians of Sparks Heating & Air for all your residential and commercial HVAC issues, contact Our HVAC Experts in Denver, Co to get top-notch services!