Air Conditioning Myths That Are Costing You Money

Air conditioners have become a necessity with changing climatic conditions. However, some people still have some misconceptions when it comes to using air conditioners. These air conditioning myths are so firm that sometimes people grant them as truth. At times, these misconceptions can be so harmful that people end up ruining their appliances. Hence, you must understand the real facts before installing an air conditioner at your place.

A few myths related to the use of ACs include the following:

Myth-1: Using Ceiling Fans with Air Conditioners Keeps Rooms Cooler

Using a fan alongside AC can help you save money but it can’t make a room cooler. Fans just cool the air around you. You will feel cooler when the air will be directly blowing on you. You can reduce using your air conditioning system to avoid AC repair bills, save money and lower wear and tear on the system.

Myth-2: You Don’t Require Replacing Air Filters for a Year

Air filters gather mold, dust, and other dirt particles. Hence, it leads to poor airflow that forces the air conditioning unit to work tougher. And this yields higher utility bills. You should clean filters regularly to remove airborne particulates. After all, a dirty filter makes the indoor environment worse with airborne contamination. So, change your air filters as per your manufacturer’s suggestions.

Myth-3: Maintenance Is Not Important

Broken air conditioning units are not efficient. Hence, to keep the AC unit functioning properly, you should maintain it frequently. Whenever you find a minor problem, repair it ASAP to avoid higher costs. Sparks Heating & Air can help you with all problems you might be facing with your AC system.

Myth-4: Bigger Air Conditioners Function Better

An AC with a bigger capacity can cool your place faster as it forces its compressor to switch on and off in fast intervals. However, this process actually reduces its lifespan and uses lots of unnecessary amounts of energy and electricity. Hence, you should hire a professional HVAC Services in Denver who can size your house properly before deciding which air conditioning unit to buy and install.

Myth-5: Thermostat’s Position Does Not Matter

The position of your thermostat is important for the efficacy and functionality of your air conditioning system. You should always place your thermostat away from cooling sources and heat. It should be in a central area where it can receive an average amount of temperature. The wrong placement of a thermostat can cost you more and waste energy. A properly placed thermostat can read the temperature levels and fulfill your needs for a controlled ambiance.

Closing Words

In case you are searching for an Air conditioner installation Company in Denver CO, forget about all the air conditioning myths and accept the reality. At Sparks Heating & Air, we provide expert services at a cost-effective rate. Our highly qualified and skilled workforce can offer you an exclusive service. We also provide emergency services to fix all your AC unit issues. To learn more about our services, stay connected with us! contact us for scheduling maintenance.